Enter The Dragon

China to build a space station after Shenzhou VII, People's Daily

"China will launch ShenzhouVII with three astronauts in September 2008 .. After the launch of Shenzhou VII, a space station with 20 tons will be built, Song said..."

NASA chief to visit China, China View

"The United States needs good competitors and it needs good partners and sometimes they can be the same," said Griffin, who cited the example of current cooperation between the United States and Russia on the international space station."

China's unmanned spaceship to near the moon next year, People's Daily

"Luo Ge said to NASA Administrator Michael Griffin that China is now cooperating with Europe, Russia, Brazil, Nigeria and Venezuela in the field of space. He said it was a pity that the US doesn't have space cooperation with China now, calling it a sign of decreased openness of the US compared with it was twenty years ago."

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