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Reader note: "Hell of a PRCB today. After a nearly 6 hour debate, the decision was made to fly the ice frost ramps as is. Griffin and Gerst were even there for this topic. When the final poll was made it was a nearly perfect 50/50 split on fly as is or stand-down and redesign. The FCOD rep (Bowersox) said fly as is, by the way. Most of the offices with the word "Engineering" in their title voted to stand down. It was good to see the program management have the balls to make a tough decision. One of the more amusing aspects of the meeting was watching Muratore (sitting in the cheap-seat) bite his tongue for so long! Apparently, Muratore contacted Griffin either before the meeting or during the lunch break or perhaps via Blackberry to express his opinion though, because Griffin mentioned talking to John earlier in the day. John wanted to stand-down. Mike said fly as is. A truly fascinating meeting that gave me hope for the SSP management. Hope that was lost soon after Parsons was installed and I watched him in action."

Editor's note: John Muratore has been reassigned to EA4.

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