MEPAG Finally Allows Taxpayer Insight Into Their Meetings

Report from MEPAG, Planetary Society

"Both Bruce Betts and Lou Friedman from the Society have been attending MEPAG over the last couple of days, and Bruce just sent me an email with some notes about what's been going on."

Editor's Update: It would seem that the Planetary Society's Blog editor, Emily Stewart Lakdawalla is a little confused about how MEPAG meetings have been run in the past. In a post to another website she says "As for that inexplicable NASAwatch comment about "finally allowing taxpayer insight," Lou and Bruce have been going to MEPAG for years. I'll be going to both OPAG and VEXAG."

Well, Emily, if, for example, you look at the circular for the February 2005 MEPAG meeting it was rather explicit about media attendace: "Who should attend? Participation is open to all scientists/engineers involved in Mars exploration, including international colleagues. Since this is a 'working' meeting, it is not open to members of the press, however, if there is interest we can make people available for interviews afterwards." When I asked NASA PAO if I could attend this February 2005 meeting (and a previous MEPAG meeting) and report on what was discussed I was told that I would not be allowed to attend.

As such, my comments below are hardly "inexplicable", Emily.

Editor's 21 April note: This is a welcome change from the previous formal, xenophobic, attitude adopted by MEPAG (NASA Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group) wherein news media - or anyone who was inclined to report on what was going on - were specifically banned from attending - and reporting on - these meetings.

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