More Griffin Misquotes?

U.S. will fail to create new spaceship by 2010 to replace shuttle - NASA, Interfax

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said Sunday the U.S. will likely fail to create a new spaceship by 2010 when the space shuttle program is closed. Griffin told a news conference at Mission Control at Korloyov, following the return of Expedition 12 from the International Space Station that, NASA, of course, will not be able to meet the 2010 deadline, and more time will pass from 2010 to the end of the work to develop a new spaceship."

Editor's note: I doubt Mike Griffin said these words - as he is quoted here. As such, this is one of those times when an official NASA transcript of this event would be helpful. Or will PAO just let these inaccurate quotes float around the world for a week as they did with the Delay pseudo-endorsement remarks? Word has it that Strategic Communications AA for Public Affairs Dave Mould was in Russia for the Soyuz launch, then flew back for the National Space Symposium, and then flew back to Russia for the Soyuz landing. One would think he (or someone on his staff) would have the presence of mind to pull out a digital recorder and record an event like this. Stay tuned.

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