NASA Announces New Robotic Lunar Mission

New NASA Ames Spacecraft to Look for Ice at Lunar South Pole

"NASA today announced that a small, 'secondary payload' spacecraft, to be developed by a team at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif., has been selected to travel to the moon to look for precious water ice at the lunar south pole in October 2008."

NASA Exploration Briefing on New Lunar Mission

"Exploration Systems managers will brief news media at 2 p.m. EDT Monday, April 10, about plans to conduct high risk and high return research of the lunar surface using a new spacecraft. The press conference will be held in the NASA Headquarters auditorium, 300 E Street S.W., Washington."

Editor's 7 April update: Reliable sources all seem to be pointing in the direction of ARC's impactor as the lucky choice. Stay tuned.

Editor's 7 April note: This announcement has to do with the fact that NASA wants to put a lunar lander on LRO as a secondary payload. Raytheon has one proposal in for a design for such a landing vehicle.

Editor's 7 April update: The following 4 items have been under consideration as a secondary payload on LRO:

- JPL Impactor
- ARC Impactor
- ARC Orbiter (LEAH)
- GSFC LEX - a Raytheon EKV derived lander/hopper

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