NASA's Risks - and NASCAR's Risks

NASCAR Driver to Join NASA Director on April 21 Mining Symposium Panel

NASCAR and NASA Team Up, Wheeling News Register

"Phil Bounds, director of NASA's security management division at the agency's Washington, D.C. headquarters, then relayed his experiences in coordinating recovery efforts following the 2003 loss of the Space Shuttle Columbia and in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Following Katrina, Bounds was charged with recovery at two NASA sites in Texas and Louisiana."

Editor's note: I was not present for the presentation, so I don't know what was said. That caveat aside, it is curious that NASA sent someone to talk about the risks associated with Earthbound recovery efforts, but did not send someone to address the risks that go with strapping one's self into a vehicle that undergoes a dangerous journey - and the reasons why they take that risk - and the public's reaction to that risk taking.

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