Routine Shuttle Update Becomes Something More Important

NASA Administrator Presents Space Shuttle Program Update

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin and Associate Administrator for Space Operations William Gerstenmaier will brief the media about the space shuttle program and processing for the next mission (STS-121) Friday, April 28, at 11 a.m. EDT. The briefing will be in the NASA headquarters auditorium, 300 E. St. S.W., Washington."

Editor's note: This update has had several curious changes. First, it was announced last week as a routine media telecon with Wayne Hale from MSFC on 27 April. Then that date was changed to 28 April. Then Mike Griffin visited MSFC today (27 April) where wind tunnel results were presented. Then NASA HQ PAO issues this press release at 5:00 pm anouncing that the event will now originate from NASA HQ with the addition of Mike Griffin and Bill Gerstenmaier.

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