Does NASA GRC Have a Stealth Lunar Rover Project?

NASA GRC Solicitation: Radiation Tolerant Single Board Computer

"This is a modification to the synopsis entitled RADIATION TOLERANT SINGLE BOARD COMPUTER, NNC06156539Q which was posted on 05/10/2006. You are notified that the following change is made to add the specifications as follows: Single Board Computer for the Highlander Lunar Rover Mission Development."

Editor's note: "Highlander Lunar Rover Mission"? What's that?

Editor's update: This project was submitted as a proposed secondary payload for LRO - but was not selected. My question is: if the mission was not chosen, then why are people still working on it - i.e. why are procurement notices being issued to buy hardware?

BUT if GRC is keeping this project alive (as some readers have suggested) to serve as a way to train young researchers - then this puts the whole thing in a different light. NASA has dropped the ball in recent years - most notably with the FY 2007 budget proposal - when it comes to training and education. Using a proposed project that was not selected to fly - but still has potential as a educational program - has clear merit. If this is the case, then GRC ought to be open about what it is trying to do - otherwise it looks like they can't take "No" for an answer when their project was not selected.

I did a web search and came up with this page by Aubrey Shick - a student at Carnegie Mellon University - which refers to "Lunar Rover Initiative: Highlander Robot" and this page at Carnegie Mellon University which says "The Lunar Rover Initiative seeks to explore crater ice on the moon."

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