Fly Your Stuff In Outer Space With Bigelow

Editor's note: According to the revamped Bigelow Aerospace website: "Want to Take a Ride? Once the domain of only the privileged, Bigelow Aerospace is now offering to the public an exciting new opportunity. For the first time, you can actually send an item of your own into space. Your personal selection will be floating inside a spacecraft hundreds of miles above the Earth. If all systems function properly, your personal treasure (be it a photo, ring, bottle-cap or toy) will be floating in space for years."

"And here is the best part: You might even be able to see it. That's right! The Bigelow Aerospace spacecraft known as Genesis II will be carrying multiple cameras. Some of these cameras will be viewing areas inside the spacecraft where your prized possession is floating. Everyday, Bigelow Aerospace will be downloading images and video from these cameras to its Website. If you log onto the Bigelow Aerospace Web portal, you will have a chance to actually see your item floating by! And who knows? If the Genesis II spacecraft stays in orbit for several years as we expect, you may see your face (or item) many times over!"

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