Gordon and Wu Want To Fire NOAA's Lautenbacher and Kelly

House Science Committee Democrats Call For NOAA Leadership's Removal

"House Science Committee Ranking Member Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) and ETS Subcommittee Ranking Member Rep. David Wu (D-OR) are calling for the removal of NOAA Administrator Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr. (Ret.) and General John J. Kelly Jr., Deputy Undersecretary for Oceans and Atmosphere. "If this isn't 'the fleecing of America,' I don't know what is," stated Rep. Gordon. "If we're to have any hope of stopping this train wreck, NOAA must have new leadership - the sooner, the better."

"Vice Admiral Lautenbacher is currently serving as the Administrator for NOAA. At no time in the last two years has the Administrator ever been candid with these Members or the Committee on Science regarding the true problems with this project. We were never sure whether he was purposely obfuscating or was legitimately ignorant of the problems."

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