Help These Kids See Their Experiment Reach Space

Editor's 31 May update: I just got this note Pamela Ghaffarian at Franke Park Elementary. Well Done, NASA Watch readers!

"Thank you! You did it!! The boys will be going on Sunday!! They are not even complaining (too much) about the 5 a.m. arrive at the airport time. Thank you so much!!"

In addition to NASA Watch reader generosity, Phil Plait aka "The Bad Astronomer", saw this posting on NASA Watch and posted a Paypal link on his site this morning and generated $1,000 - in just 8 hours. Well done!

Editor's 30 May update: It would seem that you folks have been rather generous. I got this note this evening - let's see if we can get that final $1,000 on Wednesday:

I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who read your site. We are about $1,000 short at the moment, but I have several people sending checks from different places around the country. I cannot tell you how appreciative we are of your help. The boys are thrilled. They have already started on thank you notes, and they cannot wait to begin the article for your website. Thank you so much!

Pamela Ghaffarian, Franke Park Elementary, Multiage Classroom

Money shortage may ground NASA visit, Journal Gazette

"Franke Park is the only school in Indiana to receive a $17,000 three-year grant from NASA to learn about robots, space and meteorology. Their $3,000 trip is in limbo, though, because NASA will not pay for a summer journey, and Ghaffarian has raised less than $500 so far. A Franke Park class cookie business donated some money, and the boys worked one night at McDonald's, which gave the school 10 percent of the proceeds from their shift. Their experiment is already in Virginia, waiting to be loaded onto the rocket. The students placed nuts and bolts screwed together in tiny bottles to see whether the vibrations from the rocket will break them apart."

To donate money to send Franke Park Elementary School teacher Pam Ghaffarian and fifth-graders Billy Shannon and Cameron Wade to the NASA Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, call Ghaffarian at the school at (260) 425-7336.

NASA Selects Student Experiments to Fly on Sounding Rocket, WFF

"Approximately 40 students and teachers are expected to attend flight week activities at Wallops, June 5 through 8. While at Wallops they will receive instruction in rocketry and electronics and tour the NASA rocket, scientific balloon and aircraft facilities."

Editor's note: Here's the contact info for anyone looking to donate to the cost of airfare such that these kids can see their experiment launched into space.

Besides - look at the people that NASA HQ invites (and often pays travel expenses) to attend launches at KSC and look pretty for the cameras - not to mention the quasi-useless HQ folks who have zero to do with the nuts and bolts of a mission - who nonetheless contrive an excuse for travel orders "to see and be seen" at a launch. And then, of course, there are the pre-/post-launch receptions that aerospace contactors throw. Oh yes - what has the Coalition for Space Exploration done lately - other than schmoozing?

My company has written a check for $200 - and one other NASA Watch reader has also made a donation. You can contact Pam Ghaffarian by email at or by phone at (260) 425-7336.

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