Let's Play What If at LaRC

Editor's note: AN exercise like this, if properly planned, could be useful in getting stagnant civil servants to think outside the box - and perhaps tune their tasks to the big picture. Based on personal experience, such creativity is usually absent from such exercises - and the default assumption is that everyone will still have Blackberrys, Franklin Planners, performance plans, etc.

Reader note: "This was on @LaRC today. Is this how we spend scarce funds??? Perhaps we should give the money back to the taxpayers. It gets better with the next message."

"Call for Participants for the Center's Scenario Based Planning Workshop and Core Planning Team - This is a formal call for employees to participate in the Center's Scenario Based Planning activities for this year. Scenario Based Planning is a process whereby each participant is put into one of several plausible worlds or "scenarios" of the future - in our case 2025 - in a workshop environment.

Participants live in their world for two days and then hypothesize capabilities that would make their organization successful in that world. They then are projected back to today (2006) and hypothesize key initiatives that might lead to the capabilities they seek in their world of 2025. Strategies that fit well across all future worlds are considered most "robust" for the future. Once they have completed this process, participants can also look at any of the current LaRC initiatives as to their robustness relative to the future scenarios. We have a need for 45 people to participate in the workshop (nine in each of 5 future worlds).

It will be held here at the Navigation Center (B1212) the week of June 26th. We also need 8 people to join me to serve as the Core Planning Team, working with our consultants to prepare the worlds and approach we will take in the workshop. The Core Team will meet Tuesday through Thursday in the two weeks preceding the workshop. I have recently participated in a multi-agency scenario planning workshop sponsored by the US State Department and found it to be very rewarding - both for personal growth and the development of skills that are of use to the Center and Agency in this time of uncertainty and transformation. I believe that participants will find this LaRC activity rewarding also.

For additional information, please call me (Jim Batterson - 44059) or to sign up directly for either the Core Team or the Workshop, please call (45400) or e-mail Leslie Beimler (Leslie.K.Beimler@nasa.gov) or Annie Wright (Annie.P.Wright@nasa.gov). We need to have the Core Team populated by noon, Thursday, May 25th.

Thank you for your consideration of this Center-wide activity."

"FY07 C&I Proposal Call Suspended - Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, recently announced the FY07 Creativity and Innovation call for proposals. However, as a result of severe Center budget constraints, this call for proposals has been suspended for new proposals (Tier II) for FY07. The constrained Center budget will allow some Tier III proposals to be renewed for an additional year of funding. The C&I website has been updated with information pertaining to the suspended FY07 call."

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