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- Burt Rutan: "I hope to go the Moon in my lifetime"
- Space Adventures - the Seven Summits of Space
- Alpine style in science, Solar panels in space, Google maps and the Japanese man
- Gold, War and a huge Ego will take us there

"When we climb, row an ocean or ski to one of earth's poles on the cheap, weight becomes extremely important to us. Going alpine style or unsupported is a big difference to having planes browsing by with resupplies or an army of Sherpas fixing routes and camps. All of a sudden - strong and determined is not enough. We must also become smart and inventive and that's when it becomes complicated. Sure we can make a run for it in good weather and keep our fingers crossed - but that is boldness over intelligence and can result in early death. To keep succeeding and surviving on the cheap in the long run, we must come up with ways to continuously make it on a fraction of gear and supplies. The same goes for rockets and satellites."

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Sword and Planet by Christopher Ruocchio - Baen Books
Agent of the Imperium by Marc Miller - Baen Books

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