A Blunt Analysis of GRC's Capabilities

NASA Internal Report: Readiness Assessment of the Glenn Research Center

"Senior Leadership. As NASA turns its focus toward VSE projects, GRC faces a fundamental difficulty due to its lack of a strategy to position itself as a meaningful contributor to the pursuit of the vision. The failure to develop and implement such a strategy led the center to become dependent on the declining aeronautics, microgravity science, and space technology programs for its future health and viability. This failure was due in part to the fact that the majority of its senior management team did not have space flight experience."

"It therefore neither fully appreciated nor possessed the knowledge to build the skills and rigors necessary for space flight development and management. There was little recognized capability to lead space flight projects at GRC. Except for the efforts of the Deputy Center Director, there had been limited advocacy for new space flight projects on behalf of GRC to HQ and other centers."

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