Blunt Talk About NPOESS on the Hill

NPOESS/Nunn-McCurdy Findings Leave Unanswered Questions on the State of U.S. Weather Forecasting Satellites
Statement by Rep. David Wu
Statement by Rep. Bart Gordon

"What do I know based on what has been shared? I know that the best case interpretation of this plan is that for more than $4 billion above the original cost estimate, we are on a path to purchase four satellites instead of six, with fewer instruments and reduced capability."

Air Force, NOAA, NASA Officials Currently Testifying on Revised NPOESS Satellite Program, House Science Committee

"I don't know how we're supposed to do our jobs on behalf of the public if we can't see how decisions were made. We need to be able to judge the validity of the $11.5 billion price tag for this program and understand what it would cost to do more or less than has been proposed. For an agency whose previous cost estimates have been off by more than 66 percent to tell us "trust us" is preposterous, and we will not stand for it. We will make sure we get what we need to oversee this program. In the meantime, work on NPOESS instruments and the preliminary satellite, NPP, is continuing, and apparently has been going relatively smoothly."

Statement by Rep. Sherwood Boehlert
Statement by Rep. Vernon Ehlers
Statement by Conrad Lautenbacher
Statement by Ronald Sega
Statement by Michael Griffin

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