Lack of Standard Policy at NASA PAO

Editor's update: I got a call from Dean Acosta who took responsibility for the events I complained about and is looking to rectify the situation such that things like this do not happen again. He also noted that it is not PAO who determines who attends these employee events - other than the presence of news media. In the meantime, I still have not heard back from Mike Braukus at NASA PAO about my initial question to Scott Horowitz submitted on 26 May. But then again, Horowitz more or less answered it today - so the point is moot, I suppose.

Editor's note: I decided to stay home today such that I could listen to the 1:00 pm employee briefing on the NASA TV webcast - a one hour event. I had to do this because this was an employee briefing - not one open to non-employees. Since there is no way I could then make it to HQ in 30 minutes to catch the 2:30 pm press event I had to pass on attending that event - and asking an exploration reorganization question I originally asked of Scott Horowitz/Mike Braukus more than a week ago - a question which has yet to be answered.

As I watched the employee update on NASA TV I saw that a non-employee (Al Ladwig) was not only allowed into the event but was allowed to ask questions. Now, I do think it is good that the public should be allowed to sit in and listen to such events. But when one taxpayer is allowed in and able to ask questions while another is not - that is simply not right.

Once again, I have to wonder if PAO actually has any rules - or if they just make this all up on a day to day, person by person basis.

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