NASA Cancels Additional Education Programs

NASA Cancellation Letter for Inspiring the Next Generation of Earth Explorers Grants

"The Office of Education's FY 06 budget of $166 million has been adversely impacted by congressionally-directed appropriations or earmarks totaling $82.7 million, approximately 50 percent of the total budget. Accordingly, we must absorb these unfunded requirements out of the existing Office of Education budget."

Editor's note: Reliable sources report that NASA knew that these grants were to be cancelled a long time ago (months) and yet didn't have the courtesy of telling the PIs that this was going to happen until just before their first year funding was to run out. The scope of these earmarks has been known for quite some time. Had NASA exercised a little professional courtesy there would have been time for these PIs to submit other grants or look into other ways of extending these outstanding programs. But again, NASA chose not to.

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