Shuttle Shutdown Blues

Marshall confident tank foam no threat, Huntsville Times

"Even if NASA launches three flights this year, Cowing said, "and that's a big if, NASA is left with launching at least four flights a year, and maybe five flights one year." NASA "will have to generate a flight rate it hasn't done in a long while. Is the work force and the (shuttle) program up to that? That's a real question that has to be answered and hasn't right now."

Editor's note: Oh yes, then there is the issue of the thousands of people NASA will be laying off from USA as the Shuttle program shuts down. How do you keep workforce excellence up while sending that many people packing? Not an easy task. NASA claims publicly that they do not yet know what that layoff number is - even though they have done internal studies. 30 September 2010 (end of FY 2010) is little more than four years away...

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