STS-121 Countdown Continues - Weather Issues Loom

Discovery's Goal: A Quiet Trip, Washington Post

"The space shuttle Discovery is poised for launch Saturday for what NASA engineers hope will be an uneventful mission, knowing that another mishap, even a minor one, could doom the shuttle program and deflate President Bush's ambitions for future space exploration. Countdown for the flight began late yesterday afternoon, but the shuttle is flying without approval by NASA's top safety officer."

NASA Space Shuttle Processing Status Report 29 June 2006

"U.S. Air Force weather officers are forecasting a 60-percent chance of weather prohibiting a launch attempt on Saturday. The primary weather concerns are anvil clouds from inland thunderstorms, cumulus clouds within 10 nautical miles of the flight path, and showers within 20 nautical miles of the Shuttle Landing Facility. The forecast is similar in the event of a 24-hour delay."

Virtual Launch Center

Launch Forecast, PAFB (PDF)

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