VSE Under Attack As Budget Bill Is Considered

AIP FYI #86: House Appropriators Complete FY 2007 NASA Funding Bill

SIZE OF NASA'S WORKFORCE: "With respect to the agency's workforce, the Committee is concerned with the budgetary impact of maintaining employment levels in excess of what is needed to accomplish NASA's mission. The Committee expects NASA to undertake the necessary workforce planning to correct what NASA refers to as 'uncovered capacity'. The Committee supports NASA's efforts to develop and maintain a world-class workforce."

House to Vote on Mars Mission Funding, AP

"Critics in the House are taking aim at $700 million that President Bush wants to spend next year toward sending man back to the moon and eventually on to Mars. A comparable effort last year to cut money for the moon-Mars mission lost on a 230-196 vote."

Editor's note: The House is expected to resume action on H.R. 5672 which contains the current House version of NASA's FY 2007 budget.

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