Yoram Kaufman Has Died

Internal NASA memo: "After several days of progress, Yoram took a serious turn for the worse yesterday. We have received the sad news that as of last night, he is showing no signs of brain activity and the family has given the direction not to resuscitate.

Because the drugs given to treat the brain injury alter brain functions, the process of withdrawing medications and various types of support to verify that he is in fact gone takes quite a bit of time and the final results may not be known until tonight or tomorrow. Family and friends frequently update the status at http://yoramstatus.blogspot.com/ We will keep you posted as soon as we know the final outcome, probably using email since we don't expect to hear much until tonight. Any arrangements for services will also be posted on the site above."

Subject: Memorial Celebration for Yoram Kaufman
Date: Wed, May 31, 2006 10:19 pm

My apology for posting to lists so that you may receive duplicates.

Subject: Memorial Celebration for Yoram Kaufman

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are sad to share the news that, as you may have already heard, on Friday, May 26, Yoram Kaufman was struck by a car while riding his bicycle along Soil Conservation Road beside NASA's Goddard campus. Yoram suffered severe head injuries in the accident. We were hopeful through the weekend that Yoram would pull through, but on Tuesday evening, May 30, the doctors determined that his brain is no longer active. More details about the accident and Yoram's condition can be found on the family's blog site, at http://yoramstatus.blogspot.com.

You are invited to join with the Kaufman family, and Yoram's NASA family, for a memorial gathering to be held on Sunday, June 4, from 1-4 p.m. EDT in the Building 8 Auditorium of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD. Please note that the purpose of our gathering is to celebrate Yoram's remarkable life. As you know, Yoram brought exuberance and passion to everything he did, in both his personal life and his scientific research. He touched and inspired us all in ways that were uniquely his. In remembrance of him, we are asking you to join with us on Sunday for a time in which, together, we can recall and rejoice over the wonderful times we shared with Yoram.

Please note that GSFC Security is making a special allowance for all visitors who wish to come on-site and attend the Memorial Celebration. All adults guests are asked to **please be sure to bring a photo identification (either a valid passport of drivers license).** All guests are required to enter through the GSFC Main Gate, off of Greenbelt Road (Route 193). For driving directions, please see http://www.nasa.gov/centers/goddard/about/maps.html.

At the Memorial Celebration, some participants will be invited to speak briefly, to share some story or anecdote about Yoram. If you cannot make the trip to be here in person, you are invited to e-mail a story or sentiment about Yoram. Also, if you have photographs of Yoram you wish to share, please be encouraged to send them with your letter. Incoming letters and photos will be collected and given to the Kaufman family. Please note that, if there is time, excerpts from some of the letters may be read aloud during the memorial. (Please indicate if you would prefer your letter to remain private for the family only.)

Please send your letter and/or photos to David Herring (at dherring at climate.gsfc.nasa.gov, who will serve as the collection point.


Laurie Leshin
Franco Einaudi
Michael King
Bill Lau
Robert Cahalan

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