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It's an Auction, Jim, but Not as We Know It, NY Times

"In a windowless warehouse in Crotona Park East, boxes of "Star Trek" memorabilia that were shipped from the part of the galaxy known as Hollywood are being cataloged and photographed. The catalogers and photographers work for Christie's, the auction house that more often handles impressionists and old masters. The trove will be sold for dollars. Not Federation credits."

Photo tour, NY Times

Editor's note: Several months ago I spent some time in another "windowless warehouse" in an undisclosed location on the West coast. While there I was interviewed for a special DVD being produced in connection with this Star Trek auction.

Look at the picture in the NY Times story and imagine a warehouse the size of a supermarket with aisle after aisle of Star Trek props. Captain Kirk's climbing shoes, T'Pau's gown, phasers, and lots of Borg parts. It was all there.

Part of my interview took place while I sat in a Klingon commander's chair (right image). They even beamed me in and out of it! (you actually do feel a little tingly for a moment).

While I sat there and talked about connections between NASA and Star Trek, I was fiddling with some of those colored floppy disks from Kirk's Enterprise and some isolinear chips from Picard's ship.

Lots of fun.

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