Boeing Can't Take a Joke

Editor's note: Tanya E. Deason-Sharp called from Boeing. They are all upset about seeing their logo on this LockMart parody and asked that it be removed since this is "an unauthorized use
of the Boeing logo"
. I could get a lawyer and argue that parodies like this are protected by legal precedent but since Boeing is so upset about this, I'll excise the offending logo. Curiously, no one from Lockheed Martin seems to be upset about their Skunk Works logo appearing on spacefighters attacking the Boeing Death Star...

Editor's note: According to sources within the CEV contractor community NASA is now talking about moving CEV contractor selection from September 2006 to early 2007 (January). Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, someone at LockMart has a lot of free time on their hands - and is rather confident that they'll defeat Boeing. I guess they don't see Northrop Grumman as offering any value to the partnership. Gee, I sure hope that the LockMart folks have their English/metric conversions and systems integration process under control, that they lock the bolts on their turn over carts, and that they install the accelerometers in the right direction.

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