Griffin Does CNN

Interview With Mike Griffin, CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer (Scroll down)

"GRIFFIN: Well, the folks who wrote that editorial are living two years in the past. That debate was held. It was held on a national level. It was extensive. And at the end of all that, two years ago, following the loss of Columbia -- three years ago -- the president decided to continue with the space station program and to allow the shuttle to fly out to an orderly retirement in 2010."

Editor's note: Yea Mike, but that date was chosen assuming that there would have been a return to flight by mid-2004 and that we'd have had as many as 10 flights by now (using your 4.5 flights/year rate). We've only had one flight. That's 9 less flights to complete the ISS. Have you ever raised this point with the White House?

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