Hard Things Used To Be Easier

Forum: One giant gift for mankind (commentary) Washington Times

"The success of the Apollo program showed this country that if it truly set its full effort to a task, it could accomplish anything. Neil Armstrong, at the absolute center of the project, showed us we could do it without ego, and with dignity, and in so doing rise -- both literally and figuratively -- to our greatest heights."

NASA: Repair the Hubble (editorial), Boston Globe

"Bush's 2007 budget calls for just a 3.2 percent increase for NASA, despite the need to fund the president's moon-Mars vision. If he and Congress are really serious about that project, they must agree to increase NASA's budget accordingly, even during an election year like this one when there is so much pressure to reduce the deficit. Space travel without space science is not a wise way to expand mankind's knowledge of the universe."

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Baen Books - The Spacetime War by Les Johnson

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