NASA Deletes Messages About News Conference to Crew

Editor's update: Allard Buetel from PAO called: the item I noticed has never been included in the Execute Packages and is routine stuff about call signs, etc. Routine stuff.

Editor's note: Have a look at the NASA STS-121/ULF1.1 FD 06 Execute Package. If you look carefully at the Message index (below), you'll see that NASA edited/excised/censored one small part. i.e. "MSG 43 FD06 Crew News Conference Message". MSG 42 and 44 are shown - but this one item is curiously missing. What is it about the information given to the crew about this media event that PAO does not want the media to see? I have asked PAO - let's see what they say.

5 40 FD06 Flight Plan Revision
6 41 FD06 Mission Summary
7 42 FD06 Transfer Message
8 43 FD06 Crew News Conference Message
9 44 FD06 Water Summary
10 45 FD05 MMT Summary (13-0638)
11 46 Preliminary Overview Timeline (13-0640)
12 47 EVA Tools Management Procedure Update (13-0639)
13 48 FD06 Summary Timeline

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