NASA Provides the Veep With The Right Fuel

Remarks By Vice President Dick Cheney to the Traveling Press After the Postponement of the Launch of Space Shuttle STS-121 Discovery

"THE VICE PRESIDENT: Sure. I was down here -- when I was a member of Congress, early in the program in the '80s -- really looking forward to today; especially looking forward to having my grandkids here. But it's not to be today, and maybe it'll work tomorrow."

Editor's note: Look closely and you will see that the Vice President is clutching a can of soda. But it is not just any can of soda. Instead, it is a very specific brand officially required by the White House (in a memo) for all of the Veep's trips. Four cans are required. No word yet from PAO as to whether he drank all four - or if "all televisions were tuned to Fox News" (which is also official policy). Have a look at the enlarged image below:

Web site details Cheney's hotel comforts: 68 degrees, Diet Sprite, CNN

"... He also wants fresh-brewed, decaffeinated coffee, four to six bottles of water and four cans of caffeine-free Diet Sprite, according to the list of requests, which is titled "Vice Presidential Downtime Requirements."

Original image

Original memo, The Smoking Gun

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