NEEMO 10 Mission Underway

  • NASA NEEMO Topside Team: Mission Day 3: Tuesday, July 25th, 2006
  • NEEMO 10 Training Journal 17-21 July 2006
  • NEEMO 10 Topside Support: Splashdown! 22 July 2006
  • NASA Space Simulation and Training Project: NEEMO 10
  • NASA NEEMO 10 Topside Support: Mission Day 2: Becoming Aquanauts
  • NASA NEEMO 10 Mission Day 1 Crew Journal Saturday, July 22, 2006
  • Editor's note: ESMD is ignoring this mission (even though they are paying for it) but SOMD (who is not paying for it) now makes overt mention of it on its Human Spaceflight page. Go figure.

  • Very cool live webcams Make sure to look at the two Diver Cams (Red and Green) - they have live voice and imagery during dives. (NASA won't link to these cameras for some odd reason)
  • Editor's note: A few minutes ago a link to the webcams finally appeared on the NEEMO site at
  • Ignoring NEEMO (Again), earlier post
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