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Boeing Sends Educators From Around the World to SPACE CAMP During Shuttle Mission

"While the space shuttle Discovery continues to lay the foundation for a manned mission to the moon, The Boeing Company is sending 89 public school teachers from around the world to the 15th Annual Boeing Educators to SPACE CAMP program July 10-16 at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Ala."

Editor's note: This is an excellent thing for Boeing to do and they are to be commended for doing so. Alas, I wonder how many more teachers (or students) could have been sponsored for the cost of the full collor, full page ad USA took out in the Washington Post today. What purpose these lavish, overtly self-congratulatory ads serve (other than being read by staffers on the way to work on the Metro every morning) usually escapes me. Then again, in this case, the USA ad has an overt educational theme to it, so I'll give them a pat on the back - this time - for trying to raise awareness of the importance of education.

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