We'll Get Back To You (update)

Implementing Safe Haven (earlier post from 6 Jul)

KEITH COWING: Follow-up. Then, can you release that documentation so that we can get an idea of how this would come about?
TONY CECCACCI: [pause] Oh, I don't know ...
JSC PAO PERSON: [interrupts] That's something we'll have to look into.

Editor's note: It has been more than a week since PAO told me that they'd handle this request. I have heard nothing. Despite a conversation with Grey Hautaluoma immediately after this teleconference, and sending multiple emails to PAO to confirm that they are indeed looking into getting me the documents I requested, no one has bothered to reply - except one email from Kylie Clem telling me that someone else was going to take care of this. As such, I can only conclude that either NASA has a plan but they won't release it -- or they don't have a plan and they can't release it.

Editor's 17 Jul update: Just as I thought PAO was ignoring me (after no feedback for a week) I got a call from JSC PAO telling me that they'd have some documents rounded up in a day or so.

Editor's 27 Jul update: Well, it has been a week and a half since I last heard anything from JSC - and three weeks since I first asked for these documents. No one has provided me with anything. This obviously is not a priority task for them. I am getting the clear impression that they'd rather not discuss this topic in public.

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