Where You Stand Depends on Where You Sit

How to Build a Better NASA, Jeff Foust (Futron Corporation), Seed Magazine

"What we need is to let NASA be NASA. Shift the burden of less mission-specific projects to other interested organizations, allowing the agency to focus on the core science and exploration programs that it's best suited to do. These efforts don't necessarily provide the near-term relief that scientists crave but do accelerate the transformation of NASA into a science and exploration agency."

Editor's note: Aw c'mon, Jeff. How lazy. Poor NASA. Everyone is against it. It has too much on its plate. Its not their fault. Yawn. You don't even bother to suggest that the way the agency operates needs to be overhauled - yet given a budget commensurate with what it has been called upon to do. Perhaps then it could actually do all of the things we expect it to do. I have confidence in NASA's ability to do just that - under the right leadership. You don't.

Jeff Foust works for Futron Corp., a NASA contractor. I guess Jeff forgot to mention this to SEED Magazine.

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