Rushing Ahead Despite Serious Doubts

NASA RFI: Crew Launch Vehicle Upper Stage Notice of Intent: Ares I Upper Stage Production and Ares I Instrument Unit Solicitations

NASA RFI: Ares I Upper Stage RFI Update August 2006

"The planning for the development and production of the Ares I (previously Crew Launch Vehicle (CLV)) Upper Stage continues and the following information is provided to assist Industry in planning for upcoming acquisitions."

Editor's note: Meanwhile, ESMD AA Scott Horowitz has been using the NASA Engineering and Safety Center (NESC) at LaRC as an ad hoc Skunk Works to try and rehabilitate CLV and CEV designs that his "Smart Buyer" and engineering teams at JSC and MSFC have already found to have serious flaws. Most concerns focus on the "Stick". Stay tuned, doubts not withstanding, CEV contractor selection is still on track for 7 September 2006.

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