What Will Anousheh Ansari Say About Iran - From Orbit?

From Anousheh Ansari's new website: "Goals ... To promote peace and understanding as a representative for millions of Iranians that, given the right opportunities, can achieve their dreams."

Editor's 30 Aug 12:15 pm EDT note: Word has it that some State Department folks are increasingly nervous about the possibility that Anousheh Ansari will use the ISS to make some sort of political statement or live TV broadcast that could undermine or hamper U.S. policy with regard to Iran - and that given her activities will be performed on the Russian segment of the ISS, using Russian downlinks, there is nothing that they can do about it. There is also an Iranian flag in her personal mission patch. Stay tuned.

Editor's 30 Aug 4:00 pm EDT update: A few hours after this posting on NASA Watch, Ansari's website changed the goals page, dropping comments about representing iranians, such that the last goal now reads "As the first space Ambassador, promote peace and understanding amongst nations" Gee, I wonder who gives out the nifty title "The first space Ambassador"? What nation is she the ambassador from - or to ?

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