Another Great Idea From NASA - That No One Knows About

Editor's update. Apparently NASA can't muster the energy to issue a press release for this worthwhile activity. So I took the webpage and posted it in the SpaceRef database as if it were a press release. And guess where a link to it ended up appearing - on one of the world's more popular space sites (at this moment).

Editor's note: Have a look at 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition: "The 21st Century Explorer Podcast Competition is an Education and Public Outreach project designed to inspire and motivate the next generation of explorers and to compete effectively for the minds, imaginations, and career ambitions of Americas young people. Students will create an audio recording or video short to answer the question: "How will Space Exploration benefit your life in the future?"

This certainly looks like an interesting way to engage the public - yet NASA itself does not seem to want to promote it very much. If you go to ESMD's website, there is no mention whatsoever about this competition. So I guess they have nothing to do with it - even though it has an overt exploration theme. However, there is mention on the Grades 5-8 page at NASA's Education Office. So I guess they are sponsoring this (it is not clear from the contest website who the sponsor actually is)

NASA had certainly better hurry up and do something to promote this a little more widely since entries are due in just 2 weeks (10 October 2006).

The domain is registered not to NASA - but to Grow Interactive in Norfolk, Virginia. The website is very nicely done and tells visitors exactly what they need to know in order to submit an entry. The website also includes an intro by "Chris" and his goofy sidekick "Blair" - who claim to be from something called "NASA Edge". There are also prizes (iPods, Mac laptops) donated by SpaceCamp and Crewstone Technologies.

Again, this looks like a really good idea - but what use is a good idea if no one knows about it?

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