Dazed and Confused at USA Today

NASA focus should be on moon base, not wasteful ISS, USA Today

"A lot of people think going to Mars is the best next step. But it's not. It would certainly be cool, and even inspiring, but once we came back, then what? What would it lead to? In contrast, the moon makes a lot more sense. It's close and easy to get to and we've done it before. We can attempt a base there, and if something goes wrong we'd have some chance of bringing our people home. Unlike a space stations, the moon is stable there's no danger of it leaving its orbit, and if we really can extract oxygen and other elements from the rock, that could make it the most viable long-term location for an outpost."

Editor's note: This has to be one of the most tchnically uninformed, intellectually garbled opinion pieces I have seen in a long time.

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