MSFC Has Its Own HQ Policy Functionality - Update

Editor's note: This Solicitation was released today. A read through this document makes you wonder why a field center is looking to develop the sort of capabilities one would expect belong at NASA Headquarters. Perhaps the oddest thing is the following item regarding Congressional activities - given that Mike Griffin has repeatedly chided center directors for running to Congress every time they have a problem (a favorite habit at MSFC):

"5.1.3 The contractor shall assist OSAC in researching, recommending and documenting a variety of outreach strategies that focus on educating and informing members of Congress and staff of Marshall related programs. This support shall enable the government to build relationships with Aerospace associations and industry organizations, work with members of Congress, congressional staff, and other Government officials to create forums for advancing Marshall objectives."

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications Support Services

"The Contractor will be responsible for providing a variety of administrative, logistical, and technical support services for Marshall's OSAC. Contractor support services include Strategic Research & Analysis, Communication Strategy, Planning & Message Development, and Communications Services & Product Development/Delivery."

Editor's 14 Sep note: Why is a field center doing this? Isn't this sort of work that NASA Headquarters is supposed to do?

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