Planet Definition by IAU Under Attack

Planetary Scientists and Astronomers Oppose New Planet Definition, Planetary Science Institute

"This petition gives substantial weight to argument that the IAU definition of planet does not meet fundamental scientific standards and should be set aside," states petition organizer Dr. Mark Sykes, Director of the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. "A more open process, involving a broader cross section of the community engaged in planetary studies of our own solar system and others should be undertaken."

Pluto: Underworld Character Kicked Out of Planetary Family, Science

"The decision, made here at the closing session of the IAU's triennial meeting,* reclassifies Pluto as a "dwarf planet"--but not a planet. That is "patently incorrect," says astronomer and Pluto buff Alan Stern of the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, who heads the New Horizons mission that set off last January to explore the tiny ex-planet in 2015. "If the IAU wants to proclaim that the sky is green, that doesn't make it so."

DPS Statement on the adoption of the definition of a planet by the International Astronomical Union

"Ultimately, the definition of a planet will come through common usage and scientific utility. There is no need to throw away current school texts; Pluto has not gone away. We will continue to explore Pluto and the other objects orbiting beyond Neptune with telescopic observations and spacecraft missions to obtain a fundamental understanding of their place in our solar system."

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