Another Curious Omission

Speech by NASA Administrator Griffin at the NASA Langley Colloquium Series Sigma Public Lecture Series

Editor's note: Curiously, in this presentation made at LaRC today, Griffin cites a speech by OSTP Director Marburger, the President's original January 2004 VSE presentation, and the NASA Authorization Act of 2005. Yet no specific mention is made of the new National Space Policy quietly released 2 weeks ago - a document strong on national security and defense.

Yet in his speech today, Griffin said "In our time, while we certainly recognize that the United States will be only one nation among many on the space frontier, we have learned that "security" can involve much broader concerns than competition among nation-states." and then went into discussing defense from asteroid impacts.

Why not cite the new White House policy? This would be a perfect place to do so. Its almost as if Griffin was trying to distance himself and the agency from the military posturing that pervades the new policy document.

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