Chronicles of a Space Station Expedition

Post Increment Evaluation Report Increment 11 SSP 54311, 1.4mb PDF, NASA

"On 16 June 2005 (GMT 167/23:09) 18 Progress M (353) launched with a nominal orbital insertion and deploy of the arrays and antennae at GMT 167/23:20. The Progress successfully docked to the ISS on 19 June 2005 (GMT 170/00:41). The ISS Commander performed the docking manually utilizing the Teleoperator Control System. Due to a loss of command, telemetry and video at the Shelkovo Russian Ground Site, Russian ground controllers were prevented from issuing the automated docking initiation command. A problem with the Baikonur ground station was previously recognized by the Russian ground controllers, but MCC-M believed they could initiate automated docking prior to entering the inactive ground stations control zone. However this did not happen due to the problems at Shelkovo, thus requiring the manual docking sequence."

South: the story of Shackletons last expedition 19141917, Sir Ernest Shackleton C.V.O.

"... The task now was to secure the safety of the party, and to that I must bend my energies and mental power and apply every bit of knowledge that experience of the Antarctic had given me. The task was likely to be long and strenuous, and an ordered mind and a clear programme were essential if we were to come through without loss of life. A man must shape himself to a new mark directly the old one goes to ground."

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Sword and Planet by Christopher Ruocchio - Baen Books
Agent of the Imperium by Marc Miller - Baen Books

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