Dave King is Cloning NASA HQ Strategic Communications

NASA MSFC Solicitation NNM06169943R: Final RFP (excerpts) - Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications Support Services

Editor's update: It certainly looks like Dave King has decided to create his own version of what NASA Headquarters is supposed to be doing in terms of Strategic Communication, including direct interaction with Congress.

"Enabling message-sharing and exchange to promote an accurate and positive representation of Marshall throughout NASA and the external community with communication products and services"

"Support the strategic research & analysis function to include concentration on Agency, legislative, political, economic, social, technological, and macro- and micro- event monitoring relevant to Marshall's mission assignments;"

"External audiences include: Congressional Delegations / Elected Officials / Executive Branch Offices; Aerospace Industry Primes and Contractors; Department of Defense (DoD); Local and Regional Communities; and International, National, and Local Media."

"5.3.3 The contractor shall promote key message sharing and exchange by transmitting critical messages and decisions from senior management to those who need it; incorporating key messages and decisions that represent the Agency's vision and mission; implementing a broad range of communication vehicles to reach the Marshall stakeholders; and supporting extensive political and public outreach initiatives."

MSFC Has Its Own HQ Policy Functionality, Earlier post

NASA MSFC Solicitation: Office of Strategic Analysis and Communications Support Services

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