Katie Couric, Space Expert

Katie Couric's Notebook: To The Moon, CBS

"In today's Notebook, Katie remembers the dawn of the space age, with the launch of Sputnik on this date -- and wonders if all the money for space exploration has been well spent."

Editor's note: Katie clearly has the laziest staff in television. Either that or she spent all of 30 seconds thinking about this herself. She sits there in front of the camera and complains about NASA's $17 billion budget and wonders whether that money could be "better spend on solid ground". Well guess what Katie, it is all spent on solid ground. Every penny. There are no stores or banks in space. Every dollar is spent on Earth - and ends up as salaries in the pockets of real people - and profits for companies who buy advertisements on CBS so as to pay your enormous salary ($60 million over the next 5 years)

If you really were serious about the topic you'd have had some of your staff do a little research before trying to cram an analysis of American budgetary priorities - into a cute little sound bite. If you are so outraged why not complain about things that truly have no social value - the money we as a nation spend on makeup, pro wrestling, lottery tickets, and TV anchor salaries? Think of all the money spent on these things that could be channeled for a greater good.

Katie continues to whine about this stating "I can't help but wonder what all that money could do for people here on planet Earth" Gee, Katie, why don't you step up to the plate? I know you do some charity work, but what do you really need $60 million for - even after taxes? There is a new Cholera vaccine being produced for 20 cents a dose. Every million dollars CBS gives you for reading off of a teleprompter represents 5 million lives that could be saved. $60 million represents a possible 300 million lives saved. To borrow your phrase "I can't help but wonder what all of your money could do for people here on planet Earth".

Next time, skip the sound bites have your staff do a little more homework.

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