Note to Center Directors: Don't Do An End Run Around Mike Griffin

Meeting Minutes and Actions

Date: 15 June 2006
Time: 12:30 p.m. 4:55 p.m. (EDT)
Location: NASA Kennedy Space Center, Headquarters Building, 4th floor conference room

First Item of Business: Agency Strategy Discussion

Mike Griffin led the members is a discussion of the need for everyone to fully adopt and support the Agency's strategic plan.

  • One Agency plan: Griffin reminded members that NASA now has a strategic plan, one that has the support of the Administration and Congress. He encouraged members to get in touch with him directly if they did not understand or accept any part of that plan.
  • Leaders are accountable: Griffin informed leaders that NASA's future success depends on their support of the plan; he holds members accountable for the behavior of their organization or center staff members who are working independent agendas on Capitol Hill to obtain earmarks favorable to specific programs or centers. Griffin provided several specific examples as evidence that NASA staff members or contractors are going around the chain-of-command to Congress.
  • Open forums for disagreement and discussion: Griffin observed that in his four times at the Agency, NASA now has the most open forum for discussion and disagreement. Disagreement and discussion creates a healthy tension and ensures that issues are considered from all sides. He encouraged members to use council meetings to raise objections and argue issues. He reminded members that discussions lead to a decision point with winners and losers. He expects winners and losers to support the decisions made with equal grace. Media interviews, congressional appearances, contractor meetings present opportunities for members or their staff to advance NASA's plan, not express private opinions.

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