Why There Won't Be A Propulsion De-Orbit Module For Hubble (it is "Idiotic")

Editor's note: According to Mike Griffin, speaking at the 31 October HST SM announcement: "I was the one who took the deorbit module off of this mission because I thought it was idiotic."

Earlier post: NASA Program management Council Meeting Minutes and Actions Date: July 28,2005: Second Item of Business: Hubble Space Telescope (HST) - Decay Profile and Propulsion De-Orbit Module (PDM) Use

At the request of the Administrator two presentations on the next Hubble servicing mission, as it relates to orbit decay and the need for a Propulsion De-Orbit Module (PDM), were given, one by the Program Office and one by PA&E. Based on these presentations, a decision on the need for the de-orbit module was made.

Description: A 4th Shuttle servicing mission (SM-4) for Hubble is being planned and part of the decision process is whether or not to include a de-orbit propulsion module as part of SM- 4. Both GSFC and PA&E presented analyses indicating that Hubble would "fly over" solar cycle 24 and thus there was a low probability of a Hubble reentry before - 2021. Given this, the agency would have time to consider use emerging technologies to achieve a controlled de-orbit when deemed necessary.

Action Taken: Per NASA Administrator, a PDM will not be included as part of SM-4.

Deadline Given: Not Applicable

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