A New Space Supporter Elected?

And the Winners Are ..., Tucson Weekly

"Democrat Gabrielle Giffords will replace retiring Congressman Jim Kolbe after she crushed Republican Randy Graf on Election Day. ... When Giffords was asked whether she thought astronauts or cavemen would win in a fight, she said, "I am going with the astronauts." (Of course, Giffords famously has an astronaut for a boyfriend, something she endlessly pointed out while he was on a space shuttle mission during her primary race.)"

Reader note: "[She] Is indeed a space supporter. Her advisor on space affairs is George Abbey, who made a joint appearance with her in Tucson prior to the primaries."

Reader note: Wikipedia entry "Giffords is engaged to astronaut Mark E. Kelly , a veteran of two shuttle missions. Kelly was the pilot for space shuttle mission STS-121 in 2006. STS-121 included the first shuttle launch on the Fourth of July. Giffords participated in a NASA tradition when she selected " Beautiful Day," by U2 as one of the wake-up calls for the shuttle crew."

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