An Alternate VSE Approach (update)

An Alternate Approach towards Achieving the New Vision for Space Exploration, Team Vision

NASA Internal Memo From Constellation Program Manager Jeff Hanley

"In summary, many who carp from the sidelines do not seem to understand the systems engineering process. They instead want to sensationalize any issue to whatever end or preferred outcome they wish. So be it, that is the world we live in."

Editor's note: According to the host of the website where this concept can be downloaded: "The AIAA paper has now been downloaded over 2,000 times. Almost half of those downloads have been to a domain. A number of emails from ex-NASA employees/contractors have also been received that are very supportive of the general approach outlined. In addition, a significant number of secondary referrals and write-ups from around the world via internet/blogsphere as far way as China have also directed significant amount of international interest towards the alternative of achieving VSE."

Editor's note: Interesting - a thousand have downloaded this paper. That is more than just a passing interest - from the real rocket scientists.

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