ESMD Advice On How To Be Nice - But Evasive - With Congress

NASA Internal Memo: ESMD resources Weekly: September 25-29, 2006

"Doc had his first hearing yesterday. We have a few actions but it was well received. It's one of the toughest jobs in Washington to sit in the line of fire like that. Ex Comptroller Mal Peterson aptly called it Kabuki theater. Some basics to keep in mind:

- Show no weakness. They may want to take advantage.

- Stay calm. Be prepared to answer some questions repeatedly. You know much more than they do about the details and what seems to be second nature to you is not to them.

- Rarely should you turn around and ask if someone behind you has anything to add. Most effective reply is a direct answer or say you'll get back.

- What if the witness does not agree with the budget his President has submitted? Say it is adequate over and over with a smile."

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