More Culinary Goodness From NASA PAO

Rachael Visits the NASA Prep Kitchen, Rachel Ray Show

"Watch how science creeps in to prepare Rachael's Spicy Thai Chicken for a trip into space."

Special delivery for space station crew: Lattes on the way, USA Today

"Lopez-Alegria, who's lived on the station since September, will get 22 packets of instant latte to add to his dwindling stash. Food tends to be an afterthought on space shuttle missions. But NASA officials have slowly come to realize that food is central to the well-being of the astronauts living on the space station."

Editor's note: OK. That was cute. Perhaps NASA PAO can now get back to work explaining something just a little more important i.e. why we have a space station - and what it is doing for us - and perhaps put such popular interest stories in a somewhat better context - one more in the context of an expedition - perhaps like this:

Keith Cowing's Devon Island Journal 19 July 2003: Illness, Good Food, and Morale

"... By now I had been sick on and off for more than a week. Every time I ate cooked food I got sick. ... I was missing the interaction that was so key to how such an operation runs. Even a casual reading of material describing human an operation factors associated with submarine, infantry, or Antarctic living conditions speaks to the importance of having good chow - and lots of it."

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