Sleeping on the Job at MSFC's POC

NASA workers snoozing on job, World Net Daily

Photos Released Of Space Workers Sleeping On Job, AP via WKMG

"The photos released on the watchdog Web site NASA Watch showed three employees at the Huntsville, Alabama, space center sleeping at consoles and a fourth playing an online card game."

Editor's update: At least no one was photographed reading NASA Watch... Here is yet another photo.

Editor's note: The following note - plus a number of pictures - was sent by a former NASA MSFC employee (using his real name) to a long email distribution list - one that includes media, astronauts, MOD personnel - and MSFC Center Director Dave King. I cannot vouch for the veracity of the claims this person makes, but the pictures speak for themselves.

Three photos of people (apparently) sleeping in the Payload Operations Center at NASA MSFC and one of someone apparently playing an online game of Gin while sitting at his console. [1] [2] [3] [4]

"I worked at MSFC for 5 years and these are the types of things I witnessed and documented. This is only a handful of people that I observed sleeping and playing video games. In addition to playing video games I also documented Teledyne Brown Engineering Employees surfing pornography sites, participating in online gambling, betting on fantasy football and playing video games for extended periods of time. Even though these were NASA contractors the NASA Payload Operations Director wasin the room and did not do anything to correct the problem.

I believe the tax payers of this country deserve better and so do the payload developers. How do you think it feels for most people, who work hard every day just to make ends meet, to watch Government employees sleeping and playing, whilethey make $200 - $300 per day. How do you think the Payload developers are going to feel once they realize that no one is watching their hardware while it is operating in orbit. It makes me sick. What's even worse is that these photos and video were taken in the wake of Columbia, which should have been a time to fix all the problems that NASA faces but instead everyone went to sleep.

This is not fiction, I can back up everything I've said. If you think I'm blugffing, just try me. I have a small video archive of violations I'd be glad to share with you, the rest of America and the World.

You better tighten this ship up before you loose another vehicle."

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