The Coalition for Space Exploration Finally Does Something

"Welcome to - the site that empowers space exploration supporters to connect with others across the U.S. to advocate for the Vision for Space Exploration with our nations leaders. Here youll find news, reference information and hot actions related to space issues. With, you can join thousands of other people across the U.S. who are just as passionate as you are about carrying the mission of space exploration from the grassroots of our country... all the way up to Capitol Hill."

Editor's note: Over the past several years I have been wondering just what it is the Coalition for Space Exploration does - given that their website is out of date and a coloring book seems to have been their only visible product. Well, it seems someone has finally done something. Alas, if you go to their main website, there is no mention of this new advocacy website. Moreoever, no one seems to have bothered to issue a press release to alert the media. What good is a website like this if the people who are supposed to use it are unaware of its existence?

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