A Solution For ISS Laptop Woes

Space tourist's computer skills could prove handy, USA Today

"The next tourist on the International Space Station could prove to be very useful. Charles Simonyi, one of the inventors of Microsoft's Word program, is preparing to travel to the station just as NASA stopped sending the orbiting laboratory Word documents out of fear of transmitting computer viruses. "We're not getting any (Word documents) on e-mail or in the daily summary," station commander Michael Lopez-Alegria grumbled Wednesday. He asked for an update on "where we are with this - I don't know if I can say it, but I will - virus situation."

Editor's note: In such a contingency, I'd rather send Steve Jobs (or Woz) and a half dozen MacBook Pro laptops. Then again, since they are Macs, you could simply send anyone to set them up ... no celebrity geeks required.

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